I'm a writer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, working both with narrative fiction and creative non-fiction. I use a variety of mediums, preferably in combination, and I like to explore themes like life and death, power structures and struggles, gender, neurodiverse mindscapes and the human condition from different perspectives and, sometimes, I also like to question the structure of traditional narration. 

I am an autodidact artist, with formal education in writing and filmmaking from Broby Grafiska (Screenwriting) and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Film Foundation) et al.

Right now, I'm finishing up post production on the pilot episode of Decipher (a new dynamic web series by Cypherpunk Studio set to premiere in early 2021) and work on a couple of book projects. 

When I’m not busy working, I grow my own herbs and vegetables, drink copious amounts of Swedish coffee, watch a lot of Scandinavian dark comedies and play with my rescue kitten Blomma. I am also a ‘difficult’ feminist like my mother, a sporadic yogi and a passionate mental health advocate. 


Based in Stockholm, Sweden & London, UK

For commissions & collaboration email me on contact@idathomasdotter.com