I am a writer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, working with both narrative fiction and creative non-fiction. I use a variety of mediums, preferably in combination, and I like to explore themes like life and death, power structures and struggles and the human condition from different perspectives. Sometimes, I also like to question the structure of traditional narration. (Book tip: The carrier bag of fiction by Ursula Le Guin)


Being Swedish, I have an unavoidable propensity for the melancholic and bleak, but also for the dark comedic and I am compulsively drawn to the psychological. 


I am an autodidact artist with formal education in writing and filmmaking from Broby Grafiska, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Vancouver Film School and some other hippie-esque schools. I am a compulsive storyteller who can find a story (or symbolic meaning) in literally anything. (My main geeky passion besides metaphors is theory of colour as used in filmmaking.) I am also a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain and Women in Film and Television.


As of 2021, I am employed full-time as creative director of a startup motion picture & gaming studio, Cypherpunk Studio, and currently we are working on an interactive anthology show called Decipher, the first chapter of which is currently in production, written and directed by yours truly, as well as a companion game. We also have a second interactive show in early development. 


In my spare time, I am working on an interactive sci-fi adventure series for the under 15s which I will be developing further now that I've been selected to participate in the Future of Film Incubator programme that starts in May 2022. I am also sporadically working on a couple of book projects and a contained feature film screenplay. 


When I’m not working at all, I grow my own herbs and vegetables, drink copious amounts of Swedish coffee, watch a lot of Scandinavian and European films, play with my rescue cat Blomma and tentatively plan my 2022 wedding. On top of that, I am a ‘difficult’ feminist like my mother, a sporadic yogi and a passionate mental health and neurodiversity advocate. 




Writer. Filmmaker. Artist. 

Swedish Londoner. Millennial.

Neurodivergent (Bipolar/ADHD)

LGBTQ. Geek. Anarcha-Feminist.

Sporadic yogi. Crazy Cat Lady.