I’m a writer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, working with both narrative fiction and creative non-fiction. I use a variety of mediums, preferably in combination, and I like to explore themes like life and death, power structures and struggles and the human condition from different perspectives. Sometimes, I also like to question the structure of traditional narration. (Book tip: The carrier bag of fiction by Ursula Le Guin)

I am an autodidact artist, with formal education in writing and filmmaking from Broby Grafiska, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Vancouver Film School, et al. I am also a compulsive storyteller and can find a story (or symbolic meaning) in literally anything. But I have no real talent for/interest in “what sells” so that in combination with naturally veering towards the long form, I’m terrible at writing copy (and working in retail.) However, I make a pretty good script doctor and writer. My main geeky passion besides metaphors is theory of colour as used in filmmaking. 

As of 2021, I am employed full-time as creative director of transmedia company Cypherpunk Studio, and currently we are working on an interactive show called Decipher which in pre-production, as well as the early development of two other shows, an interactive limited series that used to be an old passion project of mine and a ‘choose your own adventure’ YA sci-fi show for the under 15s.

In my spare time, I am sporadically working on a couple of book projects and a bilingual feature film screenplay. And when I’m not working, I grow my own herbs and vegetables, drink copious amounts of Swedish coffee, watch a lot of Scandinavian dark comedies, play with my rescue cat Blomma and tentatively plan my 2022 wedding. I am a ‘difficult’ feminist like my mother, a sporadic yogi and a passionate mental health advocate. 


Writer. Filmmaker. Artist. 

Swedish. UK-based. Millennial.

Bipolar. LGBTQ. Geek. Anarcha-Feminist. Bad yogi. Crazy Cat Lady.