Random Guy looks me up and down

as I veer away to avoid touching 

as we pass each other on the street 

He makes a noise that is half playful, half predatory

then yells at my back to Smile


English poetry & short fiction featured in:

Smear (anthology published by New Rivers Press, 2020)

Greetings (anthology published by Enthusiastic Press, 2019)

Still Healing (poetry ebook published by For Women Who Roar, 2019)

Open Minds Quarterly, issue 21: “Still Healing” (2019)

When they start to love you like a machine, you should run (anthology published by New Rivers Press, 2018)

Upcoming publications: 

”Blue” (literary journal by Storm of Blue Press)

Swedish poetry & short fiction featured in:

Tankar om Kreativitet (anthology published by Broby Grafiska, 2011)

Ung Poesi 06 (poetry anthology, 2006)

ORDinär (literary magazine, 2005)

Ponton issue 3/2005 (literary magazine, 2005)

Provins issue 4/2005 (literary magazine, 2005)

Det vi nästan säger (poetry anthology, 2005)


Flying with my Mum (Seed./Micro Fiction)

My Story (Narratives of Hope/Essay)

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