Random Guy looks me up and down

as I veer away to avoid touching 

as we pass each other on the street 

He makes a noise that is half playful, half predatory

then yells at my back to Smile


Upcoming publications:


”Blue” (literary journal by Storm of Blue Press)

English poetry & short fiction featured in:

”Smear” (anthology published by New Rivers Press, 2020)

”Greetings” (anthology published by Enthusiastic Press, 2019)


“Still Healing” (poetry ebook published by For Women Who Roar, 2019)


Open Minds Quarterly, issue 21: “Still Healing” (2019)


“When they start to love you like a machine, you should run” (anthology published by New Rivers Press, 2018)


Swedish poetry & short fiction featured in:


Tanker om Kreativitet (anthology published by Broby Grafiska, 2011)


Ung Poesi 06 (poetry anthology, 2006)


ORDinär (literary magazine, 2005)


Ponton issue 3/2005 (literary magazine, 2005)


Provins issue 4/2005 (literary magazine, 2005)


Det vi nästan säger (poetry anthology, 2005)



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