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Still-LifeSTILL LIFE (pre-production)

Still life is a feature length film about Liv, a 19-year-old Swedish girl hiding out in London, coping with the sexual trauma of her childhood by picking up older men and engaging in rough role-play with them. She may be in over head when she gets involved with one particular older man, Andreas, who is as charming as he is manipulative and fighting demons of his own. The two get into a mutually destructive cat and mouse game that quickly spirals out of control… And in the the end, Liv has to ask herself: is she putting herself in these life-threatening situations because she actually wants to die — or because that’s the only way she can feel alive?












blodsmak_FBBlodsmak | Blood (2017)

Drama, 27 mins.

Produced, written & directed by: Ida Thomasdotter

Director of Photography: Isabel Herlöfsson

Languages: Swedish/English (no dialogue)

Starring: Hannes Svens (as Hannah Svens), Eline Lundeberg, Engla Olin, Henrik Norman, Birgitta Rudklint, Simon Johansson, Sannah Persson & Diana Alsamaraie


I en tid då vi bokstavligen skärmar av oss från verkliga upplevelser och möten och förhåller oss till omvärlden genom olika skärmar – mobilen, datorn, surfplattan – knuffas språket undan och ersätts av symboler; är det ens möjligt att befinna sig i en faktiskt situation om den inte har filtrerats genom sociala medier? Om en händelse inte har dokumenterats och delats, har den då ens hänt? Om en känsla inte formulerats och kommenterats, finns den då? Behöver den ens finnas då?

Alva är femton år och vet inte vart hon ska förvara sina känslor, men hon vet hur hon ska beskriva dem i 140 tecken eller mindre. Hon vet inte vem hon är, men hon vet från vilken vinkel hon tar den bästa selfien. När sen kommentererna som beklagar hennes mammas bortgång börjar rulla in, så känns det dock ändå inte som att det är på riktigt… Det är inte förrän den nya tjejen i parallellklassen, som på nåt vis kryper under skinner på Alva och får henne att känna saker, sliter hennes uppmärksamhet från den virtuella världen till henne och den verkliga världen, som alla Alvas känslor börjar sippra fram.  

Blodsmak handlar om kommunikation och relationer i ett ständigt föränderligt samhälle där våra känslor inte alltid hinner ikapp när tankarna rusar iväg tillsammans med alla intryck som vi matas med dagligen. Den handlar om att vara ung och vilsen i en tid där även vuxenvärlden verkar gå vilse ibland.


Short synopsis (English):

15-year-old Alva doesn’t know where to store her feelings, but she knows how to describe them in 140 characters or less; she doesn’t know who she is, but she knows from which angle to take the best selfie… When her mother dies, Alva doesn’t know how to cope. She wants to be sad, but she just feels angry instead and although she really wants to be comforted by her dad deep down, she pushes him away instead… But when she falls in love with the new girl in school, it’s like a door has been opened to all of Alva’s feelings, including grief.



OFFICIAL SELECTION - Equality Festival - 2016

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PosterLillstrumpa & Systerdyster (2015)

magical realism/drama, 5 mins.

Produced, written & directed by: Ida Thomasdotter

Director of photography: Isabel Herlöfsson

Starring: Parisa Lindorm and introducing Karl Lundqvist.

Short synopsis: A well-dressed little boy walks down to the lake and perches on the end of the dock. Suddenly he sees something moving towards him in the dark water. It turns out to be a girl, a few years older than the boy. They start talking and there’s an air of familiarity between them. The girl asks the boy how things are at home. The boy tells her things aren’t that great, that it’s no fun without her around. Dad keeps cleaning and mum just cries all the time.  The girl says he should come with her instead, that way they can both live together in the lake, for ever.  The boy dangles his legs a little closer to the surface of the water, but he hesitates. Suddenly, their parents’ voices can be heard in the distance, calling for the boy. The girl keeps trying to lure him into the water, whilst the parents’ voices keep getting closer and more panicked. 


This short film is about experiencing a grief that you don’t really understand, but still have to find a way to deal with and it’s told through the Child’s perspective.  Follow us on Twitter for regular updates about the project, or check out our Facebook Page!

Le Chat Noir Direct Online Short Festival Offical Selection Laurel July 2015     Laurels For Official Selection 2015 JPEG2016-POWLaurels-1 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ozark Shorts - 2016

Watch the teaser trailer here:



En sekund i taget (2014)

Produced & directed by: Ida Thomasdotter

Director of photography: Isabel Herlöfsson

Based on: a Swedish young adults’ novel by Sofia Nordin

Starring: Wilma Lidén, Birgitta Rudklint, Peter Edling and introducing Theodor Strid

Hedvig is 13 years old and when a mysterious fever spreads across the city, and possibly the world, she is forced to take care of her family as best as she can. But after a while it becomes clear that painkillers and water glasses won’t be enough, so she finally picks up the phone and dials 112 for an ambulance, but the line is busy. She keeps trying, and trying. And then the line goes dead.

En sekund i taget is a post-apocalyptic story about survival, and this short film is an adaptation of the first seven pages of the book En sekund i taget, commissioned by Litteraturhuset in Sandviken, for a school project aimed to encourage young adults to read more. Read more about the book on the author’s website and check out Litteraturhuset as well, for updates about their awesome projects.

You can watch the whole film here (no English subs yet, though):

BMPBG_withBegrav mig på bakgården (2014)

Written & directed by: Ida Thomasdotter

Produced by: Anna Österlund Nolskog (Två Ljus Film & Produktion)

Director of Photography: Tove Österlund Nolskog

Starring: Eva Fritjofson, Wilma Lidén, Philip Zandén, Anna-Lena Hemström and Ida Thomasdotter

Begrav mig på bakgården (Bury me in the backyard) is a short drama about a broken family that finally buries their past in order to have a future. The film was completed in the autumn of 2014 and is currently being submitted to film festivals.

inHOUSE Laurel 2015_blackmarch official selectionOFFICIAL SELECTION - Direct Short Online Film Festival - 2015OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ozark Shorts - 2016OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Oregon Womens Film Festival - 2016OFFICIAL SELECTION - Finow International Film Script Festival - 2016



Carla Buckley’s review of the film for Watch This Space

Varma Mackor (Toast)

Varma Mackor (2012)

Drama, 12 mins

Written & directed by: Ida Thomasdotter

Produced by: Alexandra Malmqvist (AMT productions)

Director of Photography: Tove Österlund Nolskog

Starring: Wilma Lidén, Åsa Älmeby Thorne, Jakob Tamm, Henrik Ljung & Ellen Wästfeldt

After getting into a conflict with her teacher, a young girl’s world is turned upside-down. But as a result she’s finally allowed into her brother’s world (and room) for the first time.

Varma Mackor (Toast) was my first short film as a director. I wrote and shot it in my spare time whilst in my final term at Broby Grafiska’s scriptwriting program. It’s been screened at Flimmer short film festival and Vårrullen short film festival in Sweden, Anthem Libertarian film festival at Las Vegas Filmfest, Greenville International Film Festival in Philadelphia, at Trönö cinema in Sweden and a few Swedish schools.

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