Video Art

Vykort till oss själva (2018)


coming soon




RummetRummet (2015)

5 minutes


The sun slowly sets in the backyard of a house in a Swedish village. Soft, creaking noises can be heard every so often. Time/space seems to be static and fixed one moment, then fluid and rushed the next. The room is a fixed point in time, yet time itself is a broken concept.  




Kaffe och risgrynKaffe & Risgryn (2015)

4 minutes 45 seconds

A child cries hysterically and desperately, but is ignored. In the next room adult voices can be heard murmuring. After a while, someone turns the radio on and a happy tune drowns out the sound of the child’s crying. The child gets even more hysterical. The adults turn the volume up on the radio.





art, film project