Writing (screenplays)


Juli 618Black & Blue is a current feature length screenplay that I’m working on. It’s a psycho-sexual drama exploring themes such as love, intimacy and relationships, in combination with self-destruction and addiction;

It’s about craving as well as fearing intimacy, either because of a childhood trauma that has warped your sense of self and your comprehension of what love and intimacy really is, or because the very idea of complete intimacy and losing yourself in another human being, so completely that you seize to exist, is so terrifying that you can hardly breathe;

It’s also about life, and death, and the relationship between the two, and the relationship between them and us, and the impact that death and our awareness of our own mortality has on love, intimacy and our relationships with each other.

The film is centred around Sara who is super intelligent, but emotionally stunted. She has a relatively long history of self-destructive behaviour dating back to her childhood and the trauma of her father abusing her sexually. In her early 20s she is the youngest person to get into the psychology program at university, but she is also stuck in a pattern of sex- and love addiction paved with self-medications such as booze and adrenalin, and it’s all she can do to keep it all together. She is constantly balancing on the edge. Just one tiny thing throwing her off balance and it will all come crashing down on her.

Maybe then she will have to face the truth about her life and childhood, her father and maybe even herself.

Because things aren’t always as simple as you think (sometimes they’re simpler), sometimes they’re so rooted and distorted that you can’t tell one from another, or where one ends and the next begins. Then you realise that life can’t be broken down to a million independent pieces, nor can one thing that happened to you once be to blame for all the other things that happened after or every choice you ever made.



dancing round the midsummer pole with mummy

Vodka vattenmelon is a feature length Swedish screenplay that I’ve written about a sliightly dysfunctional family with some secrets, like most families. But this particular Midsummer holiday, things start to reach their boiling point, and before the holiday is over the family has exploded, leaving a group of tired but relieved grown-up individuals, finally able to actually communicate with each other.

The story is centred around the youngest daughter who shows up unannounced to the family getogether, after having been more or less missing for ten years.