Writing (screenplays)



FUCK KAFKA (Feature, Swedish/English, drama/dark comedy, in early stages of the writing process)

HALFWAY (Feature, English, drama/dark comedy, in early stages of the writing process)

BLUE SHARD (Feature, English, drama/thriller, in early stages of the writing process)

OUT OF THE CUCKOO’S NEST (TV series, English, drama, in early stages of the writing process)

THE CONVERSATION (TV series, English, Sci-fi drama, in early stages of the writing process)



BirchesSEVENTH CIRCLE (Short film, drama, English)









20414184_842214319282947_3435531786704025112_oSTILL LIFE (Feature, Swedish/English, Drama)

Liv is six years old the first time her dad touches her sexually, and things will get so much worse for so many years. Now, that she’s nineteen, and her dad is in the hospital after a heart attack, she runs away from home and ends up in London. She lives in an artist commune with musicians, painters and photographers, but she herself doesn’t create anything. She is the subject that gets photographed, painted, written about, She is surrounded by images of herself, but won’t even take a selfie because she doesn’t see herself in the camera. She has become someone else, a projection of other people.

By way of coping with the trauma of her childhood, Liv picks up older men and engages in sexual roleplay, recreating the rape scenario where control is taken from her, except now she is in control. Until, of course, she isn’t. But it’s still not enough. There is a darkness in her heart and all around her, like Death itself is shadowing her, beckoning. She needs a bigger thrill… Then Andreas appears in her life. Maybe he is willing to go the distance? Maybe she will be able to push him as far as she needs him to go with her?

Question is: is she putting herself in life-threatening situations because she wants to die? Or because that’s how she feels alive?










dancing round the midsummer pole with mummy

VODKA VATTENMELON (Feature, Swedish, drama/dark comedy)

This is a drama/dark comedy about a dysfunctional family with some secrets, like most families. The story is centred around the youngest daughter who shows up unannounced to the family getogether, after having been more or less missing for the past ten years, a reunion that stirs up some unresolved issues, especially for the brother she was once inseparable with.

This particular Midsummer holiday, things start to reach their boiling point, and before the holiday is over the family has exploded, leaving a group of tired but relieved grown-up individuals, finally able to actually communicate with each other.