My name is Ida [i:da]

I’m a writer, filmmaker and artist from Sweden, now based in London where I freelance as an actor, editor and writer/director alongside my own projects.

Growing up in a tiny coastal village in the North of Sweden, forests taken straight out of the fairytale illustrations by John Bauer and the Bay of Bothnia were my playground; it was the perfect back-drop for make belief and my favourite ”game”, which was to wander around aimlessly and make up stories in my head. In fact, stories—in the shape of books, films, plays or made up on the spot by my dad at bedtime—shaped my whole childhood, so it was hardly surprising that I decided to become a storyteller. 

When I’m not busy working, I like to pester my partner with existential questions, preferably at three o’clock in the morning, tend to my tomato plants, drink copious amounts of coffee, watch a lot of weird films or skulk around the neighbourhood in search of other people’s cats to pet. 

I’m also a passionate mental health advocate, a sporadic yogi and a ‘difficult’ feminist.