My name is Ida and I’m a multimedia artist from Sweden, currently based in London where I freelance as an actor, writer, filmmaker, artist and video editor. I live for creativity, inspiring conversations and coffee. 

Growing up in a tiny coastal village in the North of Sweden, forests taken straight out of the fairytales by John Bauer and the Baltic Sea were my playground; it was the perfect back-drop for make belief and my favourite ”game” was to wander around aimlessly and make up stories in my head. In fact, stories—in the shape of books, films, plays or made up on the spot by my dad at bedtime—shaped my whole upbringing, so it was hardly surprising that I decided to become a storyteller. 

The first eight years of my life were, in a word, awesome. But at the age of nine, my “existential angst” set in and at twelve I was diagnosed with my first clinical depression. Fast forward through tumultuous teens and early twenties that consisted of massive amounts of creativity balanced out by recurring depressive episodes and (at the time undiscovered/undiagnosed) short bursts of hypomania and three failed suicide attempts—finally, at the age of twenty-six, I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 Disorder. 

Creativity has always been lifesaver to me, but it wasn’t until I was officially introduced to my illness that I realised just how literal that was. 

My New Year’s Resolution for 2019 is to put my health first (mainly by reducing stress and toxic relationships/situations and making sure I sleep, eat, exercise and self care enough), my loved ones a close second and creativity third (coffee fourth and cat videos fifth.)